• 10 Business Books That Really Make A Difference
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    10 Business Books That Really Make A Difference

    Looking for some good general business books to good stuck into? Here are some of our favourites.

    Customer Genius – Peter Fisk

    A brilliant book to dip in and out of. As the title suggests, the focus is entirely on customers – really understanding them, building solutions for them and leading a business that centres on your customers. Lots of great live examples from businesses and a good reminder that businesses which forget about their customer are doomed to fail.

    Allan Leighton on Leadership

    One of the best leadership compilations around. A mix of Leighton’s own views and interviews with other well known leaders, with some great quotes, business stories and lessons. There are also some refreshingly honest accounts of Leighton’s own early failures as a leader and manager.

    How to be Brilliant – Michael Heppell

    Why settle for good, if you can be brilliant? It’s a simple premise, built on Heppell’s belief that most people are capable of much more and just need to tap into those talents. This is very easy to read and gets you to focus on what you can do, right now, to make yourself better at what you do.

    Unstuck – Yamahita and Spataro

    Brilliantly different, this book is built for people who are stuck in work, business or life. It’s full of action points, little tools, hints, tips and quotes to help you work out why you are stuck (and give you an ah-ha moment when you realise what’s causing it) and to get you unstuck again. If you hate traditional, boring business books that take ages to read and digest, you’ll love this.

    Why Work is Weird – Connor and Sears

    A great description and model for the types of people you’ll come across in a typical office or business (know a …