Your Guide to the Best (And Worst) of Thailand’s Bangkok and Pattaya

Your Guide to the Best (And Worst) of Thailand’s Bangkok and Pattaya

When planning your itinerary, it could seem sensible to go to Pattaya first, particularly if you’re flying onto other areas of Asia afterward. An hour away from Bangkok airport, it’s comfortable hotels, fragrant restaurants, friendly people, shopping, beaches, and an exciting nightlife. You may want to consider staying in among the numerous Pattaya beachfront hotels and walk out of your respective Pattaya hotel towards the lovely Pattaya Bay. If you’re planning a family group vacation, the Tiger Zoo in Pattaya is very known as well since the Nong Nooch Gardens as well as the Sanctuary of Truth. The nightlife the following is exciting and from the charts, with crowds, music going all night and endless bar and club choices. Search the countless clubs on Walking Street and meet the locals along with other travelers while dancing till the sun comes up. You won’t be disappointed!

Now it is time to continue your way to Bangkok. Bangkok which includes gotten more attention lately compared to the original touristy city of Pattaya is busy with activity, crowds, and history. Thailand and much more specifically, Bangkok involves some of the best spas on the globe. The spas in Bangkok are worth the cost as well as a good way to unwind from a busy day sightseeing. Playing golf in Bangkok is the one other great activity, and they offer many of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Shopping is popular here as well. With discount prices and stores that like to quit to 80% off, shopping in Bangkok is worth time exploring the shopping districts as an alternative to being placed in your hotel or being seated with a café.

The Top 3 Bars You Must Visit in Bangkok or Regret It for the Rest of Your Life

1. V9. The V9 Hotel is a must for any bar goer. It gets loaded with young travelers and locals each night of the week and won’t stop until the beginning of the morning. It is on the 37th floor from the lovely Sofitel Silom hotel and contains a comprehensive wine collection, relaxing environment, and delightful views in the city.

2. The Bed. The Bed is a spot for locals, and much more so for travelers in Bangkok for any short period. It has drinking, dancing, and food, and is also split up by 50 % sections. There are beds for customers to wind down on, music that goes before the morning hours, and waitresses in elegant nightwear.

3. Lucifer. Lucifer is one with the most widely used discos in Bangkok and stays open until 2 am. If you want a club to bounce forever, have wonderful drinks, and meet several people, don’t overlook this Bangkok club.

Just as important because the clubs, restaurants, hotels, and attractions you must see in Bangkok and Pattaya, there are many overpriced and overhyped places you must miss altogether. Here are three to step back from.

The Top Three Areas to Stay Away From in Bangkok & Pattaya

1. Patpong. Patpong is notorious in Bangkok internet marketing filled with naked ladies – and then some. If you’re on a family vacation or a trip with your wife, you might skip that one altogether.

2. The Golden Buddha. In Bangkok’s Chinatown, tourists result from all over the world to find out an enormous Buddha statue. It can be disappointing and slightly overhyped, as the real deal is a medium-sized Buddha in the overcrowded area of Bangkok. Consider spending your visit to the beach or traversing to a shrine instead.

3. Ripley’s Believe It or Not. This can be a waste of time for a lot of tourists. Believe It or Not is often a major tourist destination, although if you possibly could think it is back at home, why take your time here on a Thai vacation? With many unique activities in Pattaya, you ought to skip that one and find out the sights.

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