Your Basic Pakistan Travel Guide

Your Basic Pakistan Travel Guide

Pakistan has been touted like a very upcoming destination by various well-known tourism industry publications including the Lonely Planet magazine. Now is the proper time for you to go before the streets get flooded with fellow foreigners. Find out what might be up for grabs if you opt to venture East.

Places of Interest

Those seeking nature and tranquility on their holiday will love driving across the Karakoram Highway that winds by having a mountain range.

City-loving travelers should venture to Lahore and Karachi to take in on the vibrant atmospheres, centered around ancient bazaars and exquisite buildings.

Occasionally, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office will advise against going some areas of Pakistan on account of demonstrations and conflict. Consult the web site before your vacation.


Local cuisine differs from area to area, however all features aromatic spice blends and oils. Common spices include cardamom, cumin seeds, nutmeg, and mace. Most popular dishes are served with rice.

An unusual feature of Pakistani cuisine is that it isn’t uncommon to eat meat for breakfast, particularly at the weekend. Siri-Payday, the head, and feet of a cow or a lamb can be a typical Sunday morning meal for some families.

Meat, lentil or vegetable curries can be a favorite lunchtime meal. In the evenings, heavier dishes for example kebabs and kofte (meatballs) are often served which has a side of naan or roti bread and dipping sauces or yogurt.

Public Holidays

Iqbal Day is a celebration of poetry and philosophy whereby revelries are held annually for the 9th November to honor the late Muhammad Iqbal, a philosopher, poet, and politician in British India, reputed to possess inspired the Pakistan Movement.

To mark the occasion, literary and educational organizations host cultural events like poetry readings throughout the country, ceremonies are held, symbolic wreaths are laid, and concerts are carried out. The atmosphere is one of the general merriment.

Other local celebrations include Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5th, Pakistan Day on May 5th which marks the passing in the Lahore Resolution, when the Muslims from the British Indian Empire demanded a separate nation, Independence Day on August 14th, and Love for Muhammad Day on September 21st.

Expect lots of color at public celebrations in Pakistan, as well as the chance to get some divine local treats like gulab jamun, a sticky, dough-based dessert.

Travel Planning

The weather is a major factor to take into consideration before booking your go to Pakistan. If you wish to stay away from the heat, don’t go ahead the time from March to June, but instead choose some point in time between October and February when the temperatures tend to be lower. July to September is oftentimes monsoon season.

To help arrange accommodation, local tours, and transport, utilize a cheap call to Pakistan intend to cut costs before your holiday.

Direct flights from your UK to Pakistan can be bought from Pakistan International Airlines and Airblue. Other airlines offer flights with stopovers.

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