4 Things an Office Janitorial Staff Excels At

4 Things an Office Janitorial Staff Excels At

Don’t feel bad if you leave housekeeping chores for last or neglect them altogether at the office. You have priorities and appointments to keep. It might be a good idea to let a janitorial company come in and manage that side of the office. Here are a few things a janitorial staff can assist with:

1. Cleaning Glass

The windows and doors at the office should be cleaned regularly. Not only does clean glass look great for customers, but it disinfects highly trafficked surfaces. Desks, tables, and staircases are all utilizing glass now. A janitorial staff that already has the cleaning supplies and the manpower can help save you time by paying attention to the glass and other surfaces.   

2. Cleaning Floors

Smooth floors and fresh carpets do make for a presentable appearance, but this requires scheduled cleanings. For regular office carpet cleaning Oconee County GA and cloth furniture cleaning, hiring a janitorial staff that has experience with floor maintenance is the best route to go. Neglected carpets can attract allergens. If the floors go too long without proper cleaning, they may require expensive replacement prematurely.

3. Cleaning Restrooms

Someone has to clean the bathrooms at the office. Most offices learn pretty quickly that doing the janitorial tasks themselves does not save any money. Leave the bathrooms to the professionals so you can focus on what matters for your business.

4. Emptying Garbage

The wastebaskets in an office can pile up quickly on a busy day at work. The larger bins start to get full and then the kitchen trash overfills. Everyone is too busy to stop and fix it. You can cut down on garbage maintenance throughout the day by hiring a staff to empty the trash after hours. This ensures clean and empty cans with liners are ready for work each day.

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