A Guide to Tree Surgeon Insurance

A Guide to Tree Surgeon Insurance

For those who run your very own small business, whether you employ a couple of other persons or you work as a sole contractor, then finding the appropriate insurance cover in spot might be crucial for the future of one’s organization. If, for instance, you work as a tree surgeon, then you can be looking at what kinds of common business insurance will be suitable for you personally. You may find that a specialist tree surgeon’s insurance policy could be the right choice rather than a standard business insurance policy, which may not provide all the protection you need.

As a tree surgeon, you work in a very specialist field. To a lot of general business insurers, this field may be seen as high risk. What does this mean for you? It’s simple. A lot of general business policies may not give you all the cover you need at the right cost. So, you may have to pay extra to get a specialist sector cover. This may not be an issue with a specialist policy.

With a specialist tree surgeons’ insurance policy you may even be able to buy an ‘off the shelf’ policy. This means that a policy that you look at may already come with all the features and benefits that are important to you and the business you run. You may, on the other hand, find that a general business policy will ask you to add on important cover elements. If you have to add a cover on then you’ll usually find that your costs will rise.

It is important to think about what you need from your insurance cover before you start looking at a policy to buy. You may want to look, for example, at your liability to the general public. If you are working on a tree next to a public pathway, for example, and someone gets injured then they may sue you and, you may be hit with legal and compensation costs.

As a tree surgeon you probably already know that the services you offer are specialists. You couldn’t, for example, assume that a general landscape gardener could do the job you do. Tree surgeon’s insurance can work in much the same way compared to general insurance. It may help you to meet your specific business needs so may well be the policy choice for your business.

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