Does Your Hair Smell Like Weed? Should You Wash It with a Detox Shampoo?

Does Your Hair Smell Like Weed? Should You Wash It with a Detox Shampoo?

When you smoke weed, there is a high chance that people around you will notice the smell. This can be a problem if it happens at your job and your employer doesn’t tolerate drugs at work. Medical marijuana is legal in many states but most of the people don’t have it so they look for other ways to get it out of the system when needed. Detox shampoos are mostly used by users that want to pass a drug test.

Some people don’t even user drug but they want to detox their hair because of other factors. If you work in an environment where surrounding affects your hair like at construction yard, your overall health can get damaged. If used once in a few months, detox shampoos will cleanse your hair from unwanted toxins. But, it is the best option for passing a hair follicle test. Before trying it, you should get informed about the ingredients they have and if they can be dangerous for your hair.

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Benefits of Detox Shampoos

Everything will depend on how you use the product because it may be counter-productive if you abuse it. Most of the regular shampoos have 80 to 90% of the water in them and the same goes for detox type. The main difference is in the other components. Heavy surfactants are more likely to be seen in detox shampoo. They are ingredients which helps get rid of grease, residue and hair impurities.

Compared to traditional cleaners, these ingredients are much stronger. Some that you are most likely to see include cetyl-fatty alcohols, bromides or chlorides and ammonium-sodium lauryl sulfate which works as the best cleaner for any type of hair. THC can be easily removed with these products but you need to follow instructions if you don’t want to damage your hair too much.

Are Detox Shampoos Safe?

It’s very important to know how much they can damage your hair. In some extreme cases where people wanted to cleanse their hair in one day because of a drug test, their hair was falling apart. Even if you use it a couple of times a week, the damage will be noticeable. It will feel dull and dry. Most of them have the same process of preparation so be sure to read the instruction manual.

For people that color their hair, heavy surfactants are so strong that they may affect your hair color. There are products that have a label which says color-safe. If there is nothing on the label, it will for sure do some damage. You will also need to look at conditions like psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. The product may not be suitable for use if they don’t have ingredients to control these types of scalp and skin conditions.

Does Your Hair Smell Like Weed? Should You Wash It with a Detox Shampoo?

How to Use Them?

If you are only looking to detox your hair, you don’t need additional ingredients, only the shampoo will be enough. If you are looking to pass a drug test then you might consider adding other ingredients besides the shampoo. They are only designed to be used once or twice per week because they are very strong. It’s easy for people that are just cleaning their hair, only follow the instructions.

Either way, you would want to use hair conditioner to minimize the damage. There isn’t a specific one you should use. When trying to pass a hair drug test, you can use detergent, baking soda, olive oil, vinegar and similar strong ingredients. If you have about a week before testing, you can just use vinegar before applying detox shampoo. Leave it for 10 minutes, wash it and then use a detox shampoo. Make sure you massage the scalp with it properly and leave it for 30 seconds before washing. The last step is to apply conditioner. Click here to read more.

When to Use Them?

Every hair product that you use can over time damage your hair. The chemicals will build up and you will need to look for a way to detox it. Things that you don’t see like industrial and environmental pollution is affecting the air that reflects on our health. Your body is doing a great job at natural detox but over a period of time, it won’t be able to handle it. When these toxins build up, they can be a cause of many diseases. That’s why it’s great for everyone to detox their whole body including hair from dangerous chemicals in the air.

Can You Pass the Drug Test?

When your employer informs you about the testing, as soon as you stop using drugs, your chances of passing it are increased. Some people think that they have enough time because detox shampoo will do the trick but the problem is that they end up with damaged hair. These shampoos are not made for one-day usage because they are too strong.

The hair drug test is different from others because it won’t matter which drug you took, it will always show results for the past 90 days. When it comes to weed, there is a good chance you will pass it if you smoke once a week. That is even less than a moderate user uses. Only heavy smokers meaning that you smoke every day should use detox products to pass the test.

Disadvantage of Hair Drug Test

Even if the hair follicle test is the best option for employers, it has its disadvantages. One of the main reasons why most companies are doing a urine test is the price. The difference in price isn’t too big but if you include a large number of employees, the overall cost gets very high. The second disadvantage is the time employees can use to do drugs because it won’t show up in the results. You may smoke weed just before the hair test and pass it because it can’t get into your hair that fast. This will always be a disadvantage because our body works that way.

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