Educations Game For Children

Educations Game For Children

An educations game for children is a fun way to reinforce learning. Games in lower grades refresh old lessons and skills while games for higher grades introduce new concepts and provide an extra challenge in a specific subject area. Children love to play, earn points and set high scores, and parents appreciate the opportunity to track their knowledge growth.

Curious World

If you’re looking for a fun educational app, you can’t go wrong with Curious World. Developed by the makers of Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego, Curious World is a subscription-based website and iOS app that introduces children to a wide variety of concepts and topics. You can choose from 56 original games and 58 videos for your child to enjoy.

Curious World was created with parents and kids in mind. Parents can customize their child’s profile, which gives them the opportunity to choose content that best suits their child’s interests. For example, they can view suggested videos and content based on their child’s age and stage of development. The app also offers suggestions across categories.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a PC-based building game with an educational component. The game’s creator, Paradox Interactive, has teamed up with educational game publisher TeacherGaming to create a set of lesson plans for the game. The lesson plans focus on topics such as urban planning and active citizenship and include new tutorials for teachers. While Paradox Interactive is known for creating thoughtful games, this is the first time the company has ventured into using games as an educational tool. The educational game features customizable districts and educational tutorials. It also offers realistic traffic simulation, policies, and district options. It focuses on the operations of a city, while still offering a high reward factor.


Thinkrolls is an educational app that incorporates a plethora of educational content. It appeals to children’s natural curiosity and fosters creativity and problem solving skills. This physics puzzler has 90 levels ranging from easy to difficult, each building on the previous lessons and challenging the player to think outside of the box.

The game offers four different play experiences that are designed to encourage children to use their creativity to come up with solutions to puzzles. The first feature is called Home Sweet Home and allows children to customize their own Thinkroll. The second feature, Code Your Own, is an interactive coding environment that teaches kids basic logic. They can drag and drop interactive objects to solve puzzles, or write code.

Carmen Sandiego

The popular cartoon character, Carmen Sandiego, has become a popular educational tool for children. The series includes more than 100 free downloadable resources, including lesson plans, activities, and posters. These resources support geography, history, diversity, and social-emotional concepts. They are also compatible with various educational games and media formats. The Carmen Sandiego franchise spans games, books, and television series. Children aged eight and older can learn about geography, world cultures, and other topics by playing the games. The games have been immensely popular, and they have won numerous awards.

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