Getting Waterproof Ceiling Tiles For Your Business

There is nothing worse than when a huge storm comes through and your ceiling tile in your business starts leaking. After that, the mild and other issues that go along with that becomes a problem. The ceiling starts to turn a nasty yellow color and develop stains that will not come out. You need to replace because it looks horrible, but you need to clean out the mold as well. What you need is a waterproof tile that will not succumb to the damage that a rainstorm can put on it. There are some available, and you are going to love the difference.

Getting Waterproof Ceiling Tiles For Your Business

Where Can I Get This Tile

There are several places that sell a Waterproof Lay in Ceiling Tile. You can get it at a home improvement store or a commercial building store that specializes in ceilings for businesses. They would have them at a discount the rate at some places depending on the types of business you own. You can go online to see who is carrying these ceiling tiles within your budget and place your order. Once they arrive, you will notice that there is a design pattern that they have and that the texture is different. This is what prevents the mold and keeps the water from leaking through. If you own a restaurant or a hotel, you can use this tile to make your kitchen along with the rooms look nice and classy while resisting the moisture and the chipping that most ceiling tiles are known for. There are special online stores that would carry this type of tile as well. You can find it but there will have to be some research done to make sure it is the right waterproof tile. This one is plastic with foam. You need to be careful. This tile is also used in hospitals and considering mold can damage a patient’s health, this is the perfect place for it to be put up.

The Cost Of The Tile

The waterproof lay in the tile is not cheap but it is not terribly expense either. When buying it, the cost can range from $50 to $170 depending on the square footage of the tile itself. At some stores, you can get it at $2.10 per square feet. Of course, you have to do what you can afford. You can even get a 12 carton for $130. Do you your homework to determine how much of this tile you are really going to need. It is important that you get it at the right dimensions. Everything has to be accurate or you are going to waste your money. You can get this tile in several measurements and that is what makes it vary in price.

Getting a waterproof tile just got easier. After a storm, you can look up at your ceiling knowing that the work is already being done to get it clean. The fact that you can not see the mess means this tile is pretty good.

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