Holiday & Travel Guide For the Dominican Republic, Caribbean

Holiday & Travel Guide For the Dominican Republic, Caribbean


The Dominican Republic can be a beautiful island within the Caribbean and something in the largest. It has some in the best beaches with warm clear waters and pristine sand. All of such give you a selection of popular aquatic adventures like jet-skiing, snorkeling, and kiteboarding. Puerto Plata boasts the most wonderful sugar-white sands and is also very well-liked with tourists. You will also find secluded lagoons and if you’re searching for them, nude beaches across the coast.

Tourist Attractions

The Dominican Republic offers many tourist attractions, as well as a good place to start, maybe the capital, Santo Domingo, featuring its cobblestoned roads. The city is quite thriving with the National Theatre, medieval fortress plus some beautiful parks and interesting museums. If you are enthusiastic about history, an outing to San Cristobal to explore the church of Santa Maria is but one that attracts many tourists. Then go onto Puerto Plata, which boasts much Victorian-style architecture, which makes it an incredibly attractive town. The Amber Museum is extremely nearby Independence Park, which will be visited, the impressive Fort of San Felipe that now houses the history museum of Puerto Plata is another spot in the area which is quite interesting and worth the journey from your chosen resort.

If you are looking for a thrilling experience then this Zip Line adventure is good for you. After a day’s excitement accomplishing this, require a leisurely walk to see some 27 waterfalls called Damajaqua Cascades, a breathtaking view, where for small fee shoes and helmets are provided to your safety. For those looking for the hair raising experience, please take a local taxi increase to Mount Isabel Del Torres in which the views from the top are fabulous. If your head is not inside clouds you can observe for miles on the island. There is a cable car to adopt you up to the very best but the taxi ride is a far more interesting experience.


All of the hotels have an international menu as well as a few traditional Dominican dishes provided too. The best way to taste the flavors on this island is venturing out into the local town restaurants where these are proud of serving local cuisine, with a mix of African, Italian, Spanish and Arabian influences thrown within the mix. With the influences of those countries, it genuinely makes traditional eating a very tasty experience possibly at a reasonable price. If you are looking for fast food, this is located on the colorful corner food stands where you can buy fried chicken and hamburgers. Santo Domingo also offers a lively American cafe/bar serving fries and burgers, it is ideal for those fast food lovers.


The Dominican Republic offers a large amount of vibrant nightlife, from nightclubs starting late to fancy casinos, jazz clubs, and theatres. One of the favorite pastimes is people watching through a coffee house and bars, which you could interact with making friends while using locals. The nightlife is varied you’ll be certain to find something to your liking and on your budget; most hotels have evening entertainment with dancing, family entertainment and live music.

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