Jewish Bread That Are Part of Everyday Life

Jewish Bread That Are Part of Everyday Life

The Jewish people have a varied group of traditional foods. This is especially true for bread, which has different backgrounds and traditions. This comes about because of the spreading of the Jewish faith over the world. It is nice to know how these breads came about and how they are incorporated into culture today. People, even those who are not Jewish, can enjoy these breads in their life. They may do so, even now. Knowing the history can allow someone to enjoy these breads even more. It can include knowing more breads to include with meals, which has been part of more than the Jewish culture for generations.

The Bagel

Many people enjoy bagels, as they are available everywhere. Not many people know that it was invented in the sixteenth or seventeenth century as a gift to be given to a woman during the birth of a child. It has a less popular cousin, so to speak, called the bialy. This version is from Bialystok, Poland. The bread was brought to the United States and has exploded in popularity. Most people that eat this bread never realize it is Jewish or that it came from Poland. Such a versatile bread has become standard for breakfast.

Manna Bread

Challah bread is part of the Jewish tradition to have bread to represent manna from heaven in religious meals. Challah has three pieces of bread that are twisted together. The three twists represent the Exodus into Egypt, the creation of the world, and the Messianic era. There is a special version that has six twists. It is a circle, to represent the circle of life. People have adapted this bread into many versions that do not have religious uses. There are many types of challah buns that may have people enjoying the bread more, now.

Yemeni Flatbread

The Jews that went to Israel from Yemen brought Malawach. It is a flatbread that has become comfort food for those that live in Israel. It has even been brought to the United States, which makes one wonder if people who are growing attached know the history. The bread itself can be useful for a tomato dip that is common for those who want a savory treat. The addition of honey can make it ideal for a sweet treat. Either of these makes it good for healthy snacking. The bread has no specific religious meaning but is a good introduction to another culture.

Bread has always been part of meals. The Jewish culture has introduced some bread that have become ingrained into what everyone wants. People just do not realize that is what they are getting, though. The next time that a meal is prepared, look at where the different food styles come from. It will enhance the meal experience in a way that will broaden the mind. Enjoy the time learning food history, which can lead to other discoveries. People are able to connect to others in this manner, which will allow for a fuller life.

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