Planting Ideas For Your Mobile Home Garden

Planting Ideas For Your Mobile Home Garden

Fountain grass is a great plant for a mobile home garden. It requires little maintenance and boasts half-inch green leaves that turn golden yellow in the fall. In addition, it produces spikes of flowers in the summer. It grows two to three feet tall and is best planted in full sun. For best results, water the plant weekly. It prefers full sun and grows quickly. For a mobile home garden, you should plant it in full sun to keep it healthy.

Fountain grass

Fountain grass is a low-maintenance plant that will add a splash of color to your mobile home garden. It has half-inch-long leaves that change from green to yellow in the fall. It also has spikes of yellow flowers in the summer. Despite its name, fountain grass is a perennial plant that is deer resistant and grows well in full sun.

Fountain grass is a tender perennial native to Africa, southeast Asia and the Middle East. It is a rapidly-growing clump-forming grass that produces flower spikes in late summer. It self-seeds well in warmer climates, but grows slowly in colder areas. This plant’s common name, “pennisetum”, derives from the Latin words penna, which means “feather,” and seta, meaning “bristle.”

Oakleaf hydrangea

Oakleaf hydrangeas do very well in partial shade. They require a moist soil with adequate drainage. In the north, they can tolerate supplemental irrigation and are semi-drought tolerant once established. These plants will grow well in the shade and require little care once established.

Oakleaf hydrangeas are available in many varieties. Some are larger and require more space, while others are designed to thrive in smaller yards. ‘Alice’ is one of the largest varieties and has large flowers that turn color in the fall. Another variety, ‘Snowflake,’ is about six to eight feet tall and has double flower blossoms. ‘Snowflake’ is an excellent choice for shady locations.


You can plant lavender as ground cover under large trees or in your patio. This plant needs full sun and doesn’t like shade. It’s also a good choice for an accent plant because it attracts bees. And, the fragrant lavender flowers can help pollinate your vegetables and fruits. Just remember to plant it in a container with fast-draining potting soil.

Lavender is a perennial plant, which means it grows for several years. It is best to plant it when there is no danger of frost. You should also space the plants one to three feet apart. When you plant lavender, make sure to follow all the instructions on the packet.

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