A Brief Guide to Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

ATMs or automatic teller machines are electronic banking outlets that allow customers to get money out of their accounts using debit or credit cards from a specific bank or financial institution.

You should know that these machines are convenient because customers can handle various transactions without a third party. The most common options include bill payments, cash withdrawals, deposits, and transfers between different accounts.

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Most of them will charge you a fee for using it, but you can avoid them if you use an ATM from your bank.

It is vital to remember that they first appeared in the mid-60s. Today, they are the main ways to conduct fast and convenient transactions.

At the same time, the latest advancements allow us to accept deposits and handle other banking services without entering inside, making them perfect for modern people.

Everything You Should Know About ATMs

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The first one appeared in London in 1967 at a Barclay’s Bank branch. However, other sources state that Japan started using cash dispensers beforehand.

The ability to communicate with other banks allowed people to use cards at other dispensaries, which created a revolution in self-service banking.  

A few years afterward, the number of ATMs reached its peak, and today, you can find millions of them across the globe.


We can differentiate two essential types of automatic teller machines. The basic ones will allow you to receive real-time account balances and cash withdrawals.

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