Choosing Plastic Coupon Cards for Marketing Your Business

Choosing the best plastic cards for marketing and advertising your business can be daunting. You have to consider what type of card to buy and how many copies you need, which copy goes on each card, the design layout, and where they will be distributed. This article will cover some factors you should consider when choosing a plastic credit card or gift card:

What Are Your Budget Constraints?

If you don’t have the budget to give away a lot of high-end gift cards, or if you want to make sure people use them at once, there are other options available. It would help if you considered using lower-quality plastic coupons with smaller denominations printed on them. It will help ensure that readers use their cards all at once, increasing the chances of purchasing with the card.

Is This Plastic Card Going to Be Mailed or Handed Out?

If you distribute your cards in person (i.e., at trade shows, conferences, etc.), consider using higher quality plastic cards with numbers like debit/credit cards, since they are more durable and stand up to more use. Lower-quality printed plastic coupons will work best if you mail these cards since they will save you money per unit and ensure that they get undamaged mailings so recipients can still use them.

Where Does Your Business Fit in The Marketplace?

Some businesses fit better in certain categories when using¬†plastic coupon¬†for marketing purposes. For example, restaurants work well with plastic cards since you give away a … READ MORE ...