Identifying Service Business Requirements

There are numerous legalities and regulations relating to running a service business. However, each type of service business will have its own set of requirements. Therefore, it is important to be educated on these to avoid making a mistake. Cleaning service legal requirements will be different from catering services, so you must take the time to research these requirements before you get started. Further, you should identify the metrics for each expected service outcome. There are several ways to assess whether you’re meeting all these requirements before you start your business.

ITIL foundation training

If you are looking to take your ITIL (Service Management) certification exam, ITIL Foundation training is for you. This course will equip you with the basic concepts of ITIL, and introduce you to the ITIL framework and terminology. After the course, you will know how to match IT services with business requirements. You’ll also learn about various technologies, architectures, framework models, processes, and functions. You’ll have the knowledge you need to effectively manage modern IT enabled services.

In order to obtain the ITIL Master certification, you need to have extensive hands-on experience with ITIL and have a solid background in the ITSM profession. In order to achieve this certification, you must complete at least 17 credits in the Foundation, Practitioner, or Intermediate modules and pass the MALC exam. The ITIL Master certification requires a more rigorous process and a rigorous syllabus, which can be costly. ITIL training is available in classroom classes, online courses, and instructor-led … READ MORE ...