The Run Up to London 2012 – How Now Could Be the Best Time to Study Business

The Run Up to London 2012 – How Now Could Be the Best Time to Study Business

The planning and development of the London Olympic Games in 2012 have been ongoing for some time now, but it may be surprising to some that there is still nearly three years to go until the opening ceremony. Plenty of time, then, for any budding business men and women to seize the opportunity – but what opportunity exactly? So what are the business benefits to being the host nation?

You’d be forgiven for thinking the tone of this article a little over-optimistic, what with the recession still very much a reality. But as each new structure is completed for the Olympics we are seeing an incredible amount of jobs being generated. The latest news came from the scene of the International Broadcast Centre which is set to be the hub of around 20,000 broadcasters, photographers and journalists. Consequently, the 90,000 square metres development is likely to generate thousands of jobs.

The arrival of the Olympics also stimulates the launch of organisations which will benefit from private funding such as sponsorship. For example, British Gas have begun a marketing campaign which allows free swimming vouchers to be obtained through an a website – in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and to help produce a strong swimming team for 2012. Additionally, EDF Energy have struck up a sponsorship deal with the Olympic Committee alongside McDonalds and BT.

But how will the Olympics benefit those just starting out, perhaps those who have just enrolled upon – or graduating from – the numerous business courses offered around the country. For those interested working for sports related companies, such as gyms, clubs and other facilities, there is understandably a drive at the moment to ensure all the above are up to scratch and a great deal are hiring in all areas. Of course, being able to demonstrate a love and passion for sport and healthy living will be worth almost as much as your business acumen.

Also, apprenticeships are available to help you earn while you learn. Organisations such as UK Athletics run courses to train officials for the event, while Lifetime are regarded as the biggest training provider in the industry – and will give you an even better chance at getting a job.

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