Your Kitchen Feels Hot? These Are some Steps to Try on

Your Kitchen Feels Hot? These Are some Steps to Try on

A comfortable kitchen can be obtained by maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of kitchen floor tiles. The cool temperature is also an important factor to make yourself comfort during activities. The kitchen becomes a place that will produce heat. You will need cool air to feel comfortable in the kitchen. While you have many activities, the temperature in the kitchen can feel hot and unbearable. You can try these steps to decrease the hotness in the kitchen

1.      Make sure there is a window

Window is the main thing in the kitchen. You need to ensure that the kitchen has a window to maintain air circulation. Less circulation will turn the kitchen into a hot and stuffy place. The kitchen should have a window to maintain good air circulation. The kitchen should be positioned at the edge of the house, not in the middle so that the house will get better air circulation.

2.      Ensure that there is air ventilation

If the kitchen does not have a window, at least make sure there is air ventilation. A stuffy room not only inhibits activities in the kitchen but can also affect your health. Hot air from the kitchen should flow to another place. The air should not just flow into another room but must exit the house. Not only hot air but ventilation that is too small will also trap the smoke in the kitchen, as a result, the smoke moves to another room in the house and interferes with the activities of family members.

3.      Use the roof jack

You can reduce the heat in the kitchen by installing a higher ceiling. A multilevel roof or jack roof can be will maintain good air circulation so the heat will be reduced. You can make a hole between the roofs to become an open area. This will reduce the hot air generated from the kitchen so that you will feel more comfortable in the kitchen for a long time.

Your Kitchen Feels Hot? These Are some Steps to Try on

4.      Use the exhaust fan

Another step that can reduce heat in your kitchen is by using the exhaust fan. You can use the exhaust fan to send hot air out of the kitchen through the window. The exhaust fan will help regulate the flow of air so that hot air can flow out of the kitchen more easily. You can also avoid heat so you will feel more comfortable to cook in the kitchen.

That’s the steps you can apply to overcome the kitchen that feels hot. Hope it can be useful!

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