5 Beautiful 2019 Minimalist Kitchen Paint Colors

5 Beautiful 2019 Minimalist Kitchen Paint Colors

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Color is often associated with atmosphere, an impression of something, and is also said to affect human feelings. Therefore, when we choose to paint for a room in the house, usually you will be advised to choose certain colors. And also, when we choose the services of a painter for our home, we must be clever in choosing professional painters like those at malerkanonen.dk so that the paint will be satisfactory.

The following is complete information about minimalist kitchen paint color ideas 2019


Dark orange or pumpkin orange are often identified with cheerful colors suitable for children’s rooms. However, it turns out this color is also suitable for kitchen walls. Orange itself is said to bring energy and enthusiasm into your home’s kitchen room. So that the kitchen looks more attractive, sage green color on furniture or other kitchen equipment.


The second choice of minimalist kitchen paint colors is blue. Blue color choices both dark blue and young are increasingly being used for kitchen walls because it is considered easy to match with other colors. This color can bring a fresh and not boring atmosphere to yourself. In addition to the walls, colors that represent the sky are also suitable for application in kitchen cabinets. Match the blue with white to make it look monotonous. Also, add accents such as paintings or floral decorations to sweeten the look of your kitchen.


The white color is the most common color used for the home kitchen people. Even so, the color of this kitchen paint continues and remains popular because it brings the impression of clean and neat. This impression is also synonymous with a minimalist design that upholds the simplicity and functionality of the room. Vary the kitchen room with furniture made from wood that still retains its original color.


If you like everything that is bold and lively, red is perfect for choosing the color of your home kitchen. The red color is considered very prominent. The strength of the color will be stronger if paired with colors like white and black. However, you can also experiment with combining your favorite colors with new variations. For colors that stand out like this, make sure you don’t use them on all four kitchen walls. Just use it as a complementary accent so that your kitchen looks elegant and remains modern.


The gray color combined with silver equipment will provide a futuristic atmosphere in the home kitchen. However, the neutral color of the paint is also suitable to be combined with other colors such as black and white. In addition to the futuristic impression, the gray color also displays elegance but still simple. Gray has ruled the choice of favorite minimalist colors for a long time!

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