Let’s Get To Know Novotel Samui Hotel Closer

Let’s Get To Know Novotel Samui Hotel Closer

In general, five-star hotels cannot be equated entirely. That is, 4-star hotels in Thailand are not necessarily the same as five-star hotels in other countries. This depends on the policies in force from the country. This type of hotel has a fairly large and large building, close to tourist attractions, shopping, and entertainment centers.

At present, the Hotel Samui can already be said to be a pretty classy hotel with employees and staff who are already trained, experienced and more professional in serving guests who come. A 4-star hotel is very similar to a 5-star hotel in terms of architecture, the selection of more modern furniture to the food served is not much different. The following facilities are provided by the Novotel Samui Hotel which will certainly make you mindless to immediately stop in this hotel,

1. General

Hotel decoration elements are reflected in the Lobby, restaurant, bedroom and function room

2. Bedroom

  • Has a minimum of 50 standard rooms with an area of ​​24 m2 / room
  • Has a minimum of 3 suite rooms, with a minimum area of ​​48 m2 / room
  • Minimum height is 2.6 m per floor
  • Equipped with room temperature control in the bedroom

3. Dining Room.

Has a minimum of 2 dining rooms, one of which is a coffe shop.

4. Bar

  • If it is a closed room, it must be equipped with a mechanical air conditioner (AC) with a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius
  • The working space of the bartender is at least 1 m

5. Functional space

  • There is a minimum of 1 entrance separated from the lobby with a minimum capacity of 2.5 times the number of rooms
  • Equipped with a toilet if not one floor with a lobby
  • There is a pre-function room

6. Lobby

  • Has a minimum area of ​​100 m2
  • There are two public toilets for men and 3 public toilets for women with equipment

7. Recreational and sports facilities

  • Minimum of one fruit with a choice: tennis, bowling, golf, fitness, sauna, billiards, jogging, discotheque, or children’s playground
  • There is a separate adult swimming pool with a children’s pool
  • Recreational facilities for hotels on the beach can be chosen from alternatives for boating, diving, surfing or water skiing
  • Recreational facilities for hotels on the mountain can be chosen from alternatives to hiking, horse riding or hunting
  • Soundproof discotheque or night club with air conditioning and toilet

8. Supporting Utilities

  • There is mechanical vertical transportation
  • Minimum availability of clean water is 700 liters/person per day
  • Equipped with hot/cold water installation
  • Equipped with local and long-distance telephone
  • Equipped with TV, Wi-Fi, car call

For those of you who intend to stay at the Novotel Samui Hotel, there are special offers towards the end of the year. What are you waiting for, order a room at Novotel Samui Hotel now.

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