Affordable Pet Medical Insurance

Affordable Pet Medical Insurance

The cost of pet medical insurance depends on a number of factors. Younger pets generally have fewer health problems in their early years and are less expensive to insure. Premiums also vary by ZIP code and state, with premiums being higher in more populated areas. A low deductible and high reimbursement level will lower out- of-pocket costs. However, these policies often have a high annual maximum, which results in a higher monthly premium.

Embrace pet insurance

Embrace pet insurance is an Ohio-based company that offers comprehensive, personalized pet health insurance. Its unique Wellness Rewards program helps you save money on preventative and routine care by reimbursing you for these expenses. Embrace is a member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association. The company is also the only pet health insurance provider to offer a declining deductible for preventative care and routine care.

Embrace offers five annual deductible options. It also offers a Healthy Pet Deductible benefit, which rewards policyholders with a $50 credit for every year they go without filing a claim. This means that you can save money every month and have no deductible until your pet needs it.

Progressive’s pet insurance

Progressive’s pet insurance is a good option for owners who want affordable health insurance for their pets. The plan is flexible and offers flat rates that will not increase with your pet’s age. However, the policy is administered through Pets Best, which may be a bit more red tape than GEICO. It’s also unlikely that you’ll be able to bundle it with your other policies.

The waiting period for claims is reasonable. Benefits start three to 14 days after you enroll your pet. However, there is a six-month waiting period for certain types of injuries, such as ligament damage. If you choose the optional wellness plan, there’s no waiting period.


Trupanion pet medical insurance covers a variety of medical issues. There are no deductibles or annual limits. In addition, the insurance does not apply to pre-existing conditions. However, certain illnesses and injuries are excluded. You must check with the insurance provider to confirm if your pet’s condition is covered.

Trupanion pet medical insurance covers 90% of the cost of medical care for covered medical conditions. Customers pay only a deductible before coverage begins, which can be as low as $100. Because the deductible amounts are based on per condition, they are flexible and allow customers to customize the amount they pay before their insurance coverage kicks in.

Progressive’s pet insurance by Pets Best

Progressive will join other large insurance companies in the pet insurance market by partnering with Pets Best to offer pet health insurance. Pets Best offers insurance policies that cover costs for prescription drugs, alternative rehabilitative therapies, and physical therapy. In addition to veterinarian visits, pet owners can receive reimbursement for services like chiropractic care, acupuncture, treadmill therapy, therapeutic exercises, cryotherapy, and more.

Pet insurance from Progressive can help cover routine veterinary services, such as rabies vaccinations. The company also offers wellness plans that cover routine health check-ups and dental cleanings. Both of these plans are flexible and include access to a free 24-hour Pet Helpline.

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