Air Cooling by Evaporation Of Water (Evaporative Air Cooler)

Air Cooling by Evaporation Of Water (Evaporative Air Cooler)

Air cooling by evaporation of water or Evaporative air cooler is the most efficient natural cooling is through evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling works on the principle of absorption of heat by evaporation of moisture. This also occurs in human skin, the body sweats and cools the temperature. This process is similar to how you feel cooler when the wind blows from the sea.

Evaporative cooling provides effective cooling by combining a natural process water evaporation process – with a simple reliable air drive system. The fresh outside air is filtered through a saturated evaporation medium, cooled by evaporation, and circulated by a blower.

The evaporative cooler is one of the household appliances that has long been known and was first used, even older than the air conditioner. It is called a desert cooler in the Middle East, and is also called a swamp cooler in the United States. The evaporative cooler frame is very simple. Water from the bottom pan of the unit is pumped up and allowed to flow freely over the evaporator cooling pads of the spot cooler, evenly distributing the pads. Then, an incredible blower gets air through the cushions, driving the water to vanish which brings down the encompassing temperature. The cooler air is then passed up the unit at high speed into the room to be cooled.

Evaporative coolers are ideal for larger open areas. Cools enormous regions like stockrooms, sports arenas, nurseries, shopping regions, get together regions. Evaporative cooling frameworks offer a minimal expense alternative to air conditioning. Easy to install on walls, windows and roofs, not only provides cooling, but also provides good ventilation. By using an internal or external water source to provide cooling.

Evaporative water cooler app

1. Relatively dry and hot area

Most areas that need to reduce temperature and increase ventilation can use our products, such as malls, supermarkets, offices, hotels, hospitals, stations, gyms, exhibitions, restaurants, dance halls, halls, meeting rooms, schools, factories and villas.

2. Relatively humid area

Evaporative air coolers are also suitable for high temperature or peculiar smell factories, such as textile factories, milling factories, printing and dyeing, tanneries, shoe factories, plastic factories, steelworks, manufacturing plants and chemical factories. You can use our cooler for full cooling. Our coolers are also suitable for fuggy areas such as games or disco living room, kitchen, dining room or hotel, you can use cooler for cooling and venting.

3. High power consumption area, especially for base station or computer room.

4. Air-conditioned area

Most air-conditioned areas are lack of fresh air and oxygen, but with evaporative air conditioners, the area will be full of fresh, clean and cool air from outside.

Effect in cooling


Evaporative air conditioners are not air conditioners, because they do not use a compressor and freon gas. We cannot expect evaporative coolers to work as effectively as refrigerated air conditioners. However, compared to air conditioners, the advantages of an Evaporative Air Cooler are:

1. Low purchase cost Low power consumption

2. Low installation cost

3. Low maintenance cost

4. Green, energy saving, environmentally friendly

5. Windows and doors can stay open

6. Multifunction: Air cooling, ventilation, humidification, cleaning

7. Widely used in indoor and outdoor applications

Comparison with conventional air conditioner

Reduce Temperature

The Air Cooler or evaporative cooling (EC) cooling system has the advantage of saving energy and simple construction. However, the disadvantage is that there is an increase in air humidity, so it is only suitable for use in areas of low humidity and high temperature.

Thanks to evaporative cooling, there are many cooling towers, condensers and other devices involved which are quite efficient alternatives if we want to use the cold industrial sector. In this sector, machines are used to lower temperatures and use environmentally friendly techniques which, in turn, require less financial investment.

Energy saving

As we mentioned earlier, this is a fairly efficient procedure in terms of energy expenditure. Energy savings from energy consumption are related to the condensing temperature of the refrigerant used. If we have a typical installation, energy consumption can reach quite high figures, whereas in installations where evaporation action is difficult, energy savings can be achieved up to 45%.

Less impact on the environment

We not only have energy savings because

efficient use of resources, but also has a very low environmental impact. Thanks to evaporative cooling the greenhouse effect can be greatly reduced. This is due to the fact that emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are indirectly limited. Thanks to the efficiency of the process, we see that less energy is lost due to the high efficiency.

Better security

One of the questions about evaporative cooling is whether refrigeration is safer than other refrigeration processes. This is a suitable system for such indirect systems. Water cooling temperatures of up to 25 degrees or lower are achievable. This allows the use of intermediate hot forks that do not result in exorbitant energy costs.

Therefore, there are evaporative refrigeration equipment that achieves lower temperatures than that obtained in air conditioning equipment. Therefore, you can see some pretty interesting savings, although performance is limited more by dry bulb temperatures. With this technique, the condensation of water in the cooling facility is carried out at the appropriate temperature. This temperature is perfect so that the pressure in the high sector of the cooling circuit is much lower. Low pressure in the refrigerant circuit reduces the risk of refrigerant leakage and potential environmental impact.

Other advantages we can mention are lower acoustic impact and reduced water consumption. Water is a very valuable commodity and is becoming increasingly scarce on this planet. The effects of climate change due to the increase in the greenhouse effect caused by droughts are more frequent and intense. For this reason, water is becoming increasingly scarce. With this type of process we can save water and energy consumption. Both of these benefits provide better environmental management.

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