Culinary Arts Management Jobs

Culinary arts management jobs require you to understand the various facets of the culinary industry and how to become a successful manager. You can do this by getting a two-year degree in culinary arts or a solid undergraduate degree. As a manager, you’ll need training in human relations, accounting, business law, health codes, menu planning, and other areas of business.

There are many different types of managerial jobs, so finding one that fits you best is a good first step.

Certified Master Chef certification

If you’re in the culinary arts industry and are looking for a new job, you’ll want to consider earning a Certified Master Chef (CMC) certification. The Certified Master Chef (CMC) certification is the highest level of chef certification available in the US. To earn this designation, you must have earned your CEPC or CEC certification and passed an eight-day practical exam. The exam focuses on demonstrating a broad range of culinary skills and knowledge.

Business courses

HCCC’s Business, Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Division helps prepare students for these in-demand jobs. The curriculum includes courses on food service finance, menu development, and budget control. Students can also take online, hybrid, and remote classes. Regardless of your location, HCCC can help you become prepared for this fast-growing field. Read on to learn more. Listed below are the business courses you should consider if you want to pursue a career in culinary arts management.


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